Our Review of Trupanion

Founded as the Canada-based Vetinsurance in 2000, Trupanion has grown into one of the largest and financially strongest pet insurance providers in the U.S. and the world. Their unique single plan offering provides both accidental and illness-based pet insurance coverage for both cats and dogs without the need for customers to purchase separate plans. Their website is very content-heavy and, at times, hard to navigate, but the contents themselves – from the customizable deductible quotes to the expertly-written blog entries – indicate a company that truly cares for pets and offers high value to their customers.

Breadth of Coverage

Trupanion provides comprehensive coverage options for primarily cats and dogs, with no other types of animals listed on their website. Plans appear to be available for both young and old pets with no restrictions based on age. They also have extensive coverage for a broad range of both cat and dog breeds, which users can browse during while building a customized quote request. 

Trupanion is an international company, operating across the entire United States, Canada, and Australia, with specific coverage differences for certain jurisdictions that have unique legislation around veterinary insurance (most notably Florida: a prompt appears during the custom quote process asking the user to confirm whether or not they reside in Florida, to ensure that the user receives the appropriate, Florida-centric sample policy).

Unlike many other providers in their class, Trupanion does not parse their plans between “Accident” and “Illness”. Instead, they offer a single comprehensive plan for all cats and dogs that offer provisions for both, paying up to 90% of costs with no payout limits. This is especially beneficial for owners of purebred pets, the website notes, as they are especially prone to injuries and congenital illnesses (with the standard limitation on pre-existing conditions). 

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility of Products

Trupanion allows users to choose their deductible on a sliding scale during the quote process, though there does not appear to be a monthly payment that is less than $40 per month, and the payments hover around the $100 mark. The website offers three pre-set deductibles of $0, $200, and $700 with monthly payments of approximately $480, $280, and $150 respectively. However, quotes for specific animals will vary.

Payment options include direct withdrawal from the user’s bank account as well as credit card payments. An employee benefits plan is also available, offering the same single coverage plan that company employees can manage directly without the need for HR approval. 

As there is a single payment plan for all pets regardless of accident or injury, no switching is possible or required within Trupanion. There are no group discount options available on the website, though there is a general affiliate option that allows users to earn money by referring Trupanion coverage to others.  


Trupanion’s pricing visibility is easy to obtain on the website via the Get a Quote button, requiring only the basic information about the customer’s pet species, breed, gender, age, and place of residence within the U.S. Further, the three standard deductible options provide the user with immediate understanding of the possible price ranges. 

The “Compare Us” page shows the market differentiation of Trupanion’s services against other national and international providers such as PetPlan and Nationwide, as well as outlining the differences between traditional coverage and their own unique single-plan offering. 

The Sample Policy is easy to download from the pull-down menu at the top of the page and is very comprehensive. The restrictions on coverage is extensive and easy to understand, allowing the customer to make an educated buying decision. Trupanion is also notably up front about not covering exam fees, noting as much on their policy page. 

Throughout the application process, prospective buyers can easily find policy details on each page, with links available on every page.

Ease of Use

Trupanion’s website is fast and accessible on both mobile and desktop versions, allowing prospective customers to not only review coverage options, but also apply for coverage with ease. Unlike most other websites for companies in its class, however, Trupanion does have a greater amount of copy and pop-ups that can make reading and navigation somewhat clunky. 

Information is readily available on their sample policies as well as during the customized application process. Prospective customers can become very clear as to the coverage limitations and pricing. Trupanion also includes short customer testimonials near the bottom of the landing page, with more stories and reviews available via the “Compare Us” page. 

Users can obtain a quote within a few minutes by simply filling in an email address and the details of their pet. The process is simple and user friendly. However, price quotes for the employee group plan must be submitted directly via email form. 

Once users have signed up, they submit their claims and invoices via their online account portal, also available on the mobile edition. The portal is easily accessible at the top right hand side of the website. 

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Community Support

The articles that appear on Trupanion’s website are expertly written by certified veterinary experts and address a wide variety of health and well-being topics that pet owners will care about. The Pet Care Resources section is extensive and incorporates not only common concerns on pet health, but also emergency preparedness, personal insights from veterinarians, and species-specific guides.The PetPlace website is very simple, with no blogs, articles, or consumer education on pets, pet issues, or animal welfare in general. It only offers the very basic details on the coverage, the company information, who underwrites them, and how users can get in touch with them.

Trupanion’s pet care section in the pull-down menu provides links to blog entries on a variety of topics divided between cat and dog care. These include guides for helping puppies and kittens settle into their new home following adoption, nutrition information, insights on the biology and psychology of the animals themselves, and others. There is also significant information on COVID-19, helping users dispel myths around their pet’s health and well-being during the pandemic.

Unlike other major providers, however, Trupanion does not appear to be involved in charitable activities, based on their website content.

The tone, expertise, and professional presentation of many of the articles suggests that Trupanion truly cares about the welfare and wellbeing of the pets that they cover in their policies. 

Business Strength

Founded in 2000 as Vetinsurance in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Trupanion’s history is readily available in its About Us section at the bottom of the website. According to their timeline of growth, they have been steadily growing, expanding into the United States and its territories within a few short years. They offered their IPO in 2014, and are now among the largest insurance providers in the country. Their Investor Relations section provides shareholder reports and up-to-date company information that demonstrate substantial financial backing. 

Trupanion is underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company, and their website presence indicates significant market share.