Our Review of Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance is one of the newest providers in the U.S. pet insurance market, which launched in January 2020. Their single biggest market differentiator is their partnership with the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan, who also serves as their Chairman. This provided Spot with a very high profile launch that saw the organization making waves in the industry right from the beginning.

According to the “About” section, Spot’s mission is based on three guiding principles: informed pet parents, holistic health, and simplicity (that is, ease of understanding around policies and coverage). The website reflects these aims, with a substantial blog database including a subsection of entries by Cesar Milan, though many of the entries do not show the authors, making it difficult to assess the expertise behind the claims.

Underwritten by Crum and Forster and backed by the celebrity presence of Milan, Spot Pet Insurance represents a growing market share that puts it shoulder to shoulder with some of the older, more established pet insurance companies in the U.S.

Breadth of Coverage

Like other longstanding providers of its size, Spot Pet Insurance provides a wide range of insurance coverage options for cats and dogs of all breeds, and as with many other companies, there are no provisions for exotic or other animals. There is no age limit to coverage, though the FAQ does go out of its way to mention that owners should insure their pets as young as possible before pre-existing conditions (which are not covered) arise. 

Coverage options include areas that are not covered by many other national competitors, including alternative treatment options, chronic conditions, microchips, and therapeutic dietary supplement options. Spot provides a separate preventative care rider as part of its service menu that has no waiting period.

Unlike many other websites, Spot notes that they will cover pets starting at 8 weeks: this is a standard practice as most puppies and kittens are only weaned after this time, but Spot makes a special note of it in their FAQ, which is not common in other companies’ websites.

As a national company, Spot provides coverage across the entire U.S., with policy differences varying by state where applicable. Customers can obtain accident-only coverage as well as the “Spot On” plan, which covers both accident and illness.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility of Products

Spot offers applicants the ability to customize their plan to a great extent. After submitting the basic information on their pet for a quote, users are given three tiers – Most Affordable, Most Popular, and Most Reimbursement – with the ability to adjust annual limits (from $5,000 to Unlimited), 70 to 90% reimbursement, and the annual deductible ($1,000 to $100). 

On the second page of the application, customers can also choose an accident-only coverage option, which drops the average price to below $40.

Spot allows customers to switch plans for their pets by calling the toll-free phone number or applying directly on the dashboard. There does not appear to be any special group discount, but Employers can obtain a 10% per pet employee discount off of services by offering Spot as a benefit, to a maximum of two pets or 20%.

Initial payments must be made using credit card, with direct deposit and payroll deposits available for reimbursements.


Visitors to the Spot website can obtain price quotes very easily with minimal information entered up front, with the available price ranges made highly visible on the second page of the quote process. Policy details are available during the application process as well as in the FAQ and as a separate link on the main page at the bottom beside the Terms and Conditions.

True to the company’s commitment to having “informed pet owners”, the Spot website ensures that applicants are as easily informed as possible about their commitments and benefits.

Ease of Use

The Spot website loads very quickly on mobile as well as on desktop, with no delays or problems related to the site. The website is easy to navigate with a simple layout, with sample policies available during the FAQ: users do not need to go out of their way to look for it. Potential applicants and visitors can access information on the company, FAQs, policies, coverage details, exclusions, and claims very easily via the menu options. The quote and application process involves only three pages: in only three steps, users can apply for a policy within minutes, quickly and with great ease.

Claims can be submitted electronically through their dashboard and can be done on mobile as well as desktop platforms.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Community Support

As far as expert, educational, and authoritative content for pet owners, Spot may soon have the market cornered with their involvement of Cesar Milan. The “BlogBowl” has a special subcategory called “Cesar’s Corner”, which though currently only consisting of three entries, has among them Cesar’s 5 essential commands for your dog. This entry is also offered as a bonus free ebook for visitors who complete an application.

Given the relative youth of the company, the section has room for additional pieces that will surely gain more search hits given Milan’s celebrity. However, other areas on the blog include dog and cat tips on health, presumably written by trained professionals (though the authors’ names are not listed), lifestyle, news, and breed information.

Spot does not appear to have any specific charity affiliations, but based on the website’s content, they do appear to genuinely care for the overall welfare and well being of animals.

Business Strength

Spot Pet Insurance is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance via Crum and Forster, one of the biggest and longstanding insurance providers in the world. Though young, the company appears to have significant market share and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other major national and international insurance providers such as Trupanion. This share is very likely to grow thanks to the celebrity aspect of “The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan’s involvement and the wide and affordable coverage options available.