Our Review of Pumpkin Pet Insurance

One of the newest pet insurance providers in the market, Pumpkin Pet Insurance launched in April 2020, providing comprehensive coverage for cats and dogs. Founded by global pet health company Zoetis, Pumpkin is an international company operating in both the U.S. across all 50 states and in Canada. 

In addition to their incident and accident benefits, Pumpkin Pet Insurance distinguishes itself by emphasizing preventative care, offering an affordable rider package that reimburses routine health maintenance services such as vaccinations and exams. With five key principles written in simple, whimsical language, Pumpkin Pet Insurance has a unique brand that helps it stand out in the marketplace.

The Pumpkin Pet Insurance website is easy to navigate and detailed without being overly busy, providing easy access to policy details, limitations, plans, and quotes. The company’s blog is substantial and contains multiple entries across different categories, establishing Pumpkin Pet Insurance as an organization that truly cares and loves animals.

Breadth of Coverage

Like many other providers in its class, Pumpkin Pet Insurance has comprehensive coverage plans for dogs and cats, but not exotics or other species. There is no age or breed limit for coverage, though the online application process will ask additional questions for older pets when providing a quote.

Residents of every U.S. state can access Pumpkin Pet Insurance coverage, with the same state-based restrictions and regulations where applicable. The plan options are customized and streamlined depending on your dogs needs: there does not appear to be catastrophic-only or other plan categories. The main distinction is the Preventative Essentials Pack, the rider to the existing plan, that provides additional coverage for exams, vaccinations, and fecal testing.

The exclusions list is fairly average for providers of this type, with pre-existing conditions, regular health maintenance, grooming, breeding, and boarding included along with numerous others. Unlike many other websites, Pumpkin Pet Insurance does not make it easy to find out what’s not covered, requiring users to access the Sample Policy and scroll through the PDF to find it.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility of Products

Depending on a given pet’s species and age, the coverage plans that Pumpkin Pet Insurance offers may vary greatly, though a low entry price point of $40 or less is possible with a younger animal. New customers must sign up using a credit card, with subsequent reimbursement options including check or direct bank deposit. Claims can be submitted using the mobile app. Customers may also switch or change their coverage plans by phoning Pumpkin Pet Insurance’s toll free number and speaking with a representative, though whether or not this incurs additional charges is not evident in the website material. 

There do not appear to be any group discounts available during the application process, nor is there any mention of it on the website.


Visitors to the Pumpkin Pet Insurance website can obtain a quote within a few minutes by clicking on the quote button at any time. They need only enter their names, email addresses, zip code, their pets name, breed, sex, and age to obtain a quote. Three options are provided with $100, $250, and $500 deductible options, with the $250 recommended as the best choice.

Basic policy details, including what is covered and what is excluded from the customized plan, are available throughout the application process, with the applicant having the option to read the Customer Agreement at any time by simply clicking on “Read Customer Agreement” and then entering their home state on the prompt that appears.

Visitors can also obtain a sample plan at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Sample Plan”. The plans themselves are written clearly and succinctly, spelling out the terms and conditions.

Ease of Use

Pumpkin Pet Insurance’s website loads very quickly and easily on both desktop and mobile platforms. Information regarding pricing and the terms of service are readily available by clicking on “sample plan” at the bottom of the landing page and at any time during the online application process. Quotes can be obtained within minutes with great ease.

For existing customers, claims can be submitted electronically via their website and on mobile. The login pages are accessible from the landing page from a floating menu tab at the top right hand side of the screen, available within one click.

At times, the graphics-heavy pages can seem a little busy to navigate for a casual visitor who is just browsing, but the scrolling and loading is smooth. When returning to a quote in progress, there is a lag of a few seconds while the site accesses the partially-completed form, not major, but it could deter a user from completing their registration for a policy. During one attempt, the page did time out, requiring a refresh and restart.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Community Support

Pumpkin Pet Insurance’s blog, called Prrs and Wags, is as whimsical and lighthearted as the rest of the website’s writing style, offering both fun and informative entries for both cat and dog owners. Blogs are divided into three categories: Wag Worthy, Pet Health, and Tips Fur Life which each explore different aspects of pet ownership written by different experts and cat and dog owners. There is a genuine sense of caring and love for animals throughout the website.

Despite the very recent creation of the company, Pumpkin Pet Insurance has already launched the #ArfMeowOrVets campaign that supports veterinary hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to provide financial relief for veterinary operators across the U.S. This is their main charitable cause: there do not appear to be other partnerships or charities listed with as much prominence on the website.

Business Strength

Though very young, Pumpkin Pet Insurance is already a major player in the U.S pet insurance market thanks to its backing by parent company Zoetis, which is the world’s largest animal health company, generating a multi-billion dollar revenue. With such substantial backing and financial power behind it, Pumpkin Pet Insurance is sure to grow its market share very quickly.