Prudent Pet

Our Review of Prudent Pet

One of the newest players in the American pet insurance industry, Prudent Pet offers a flexible, user-friendly approach to pet coverage that allows their clients to customize their plans. With a 90% reimbursement and variable deductible rates depending on the plan, Prudent Pet offers a comprehensive and attractive approach to pet insurance.

Breadth of Coverage

Prudent Pet provides coverage for cats and dogs across a range of breeds and with no age limits. There are no details about exotics. With nationwide plans available in the U.S, Prudent Pet has a comprehensive product set of core plans with accident only coverage, accident and illness coverage, as well as two sets of bundled preventative add-ons (Basic and Prime).

The Accident Only core plan reimburses costs for injuries and emergency treatments related to accidents, including injuries just as torn ligaments, broken bones, toxic ingestions, bite wounds, cuts, etc.

The Accident and Illness core plan covers everything included in the Accident Only plan, as well as reimburses actual costs for treatment of most common illnesses (including cancer, arthritis, digestive problems, allergies, and more), hereditary and congenital conditions (including inherited conditions and birth defects such as heart disease, hip dysplasia, and certain eye disorders), and behavioral issues (covering behaviors that may be related to compulsive behavior or anxiety, such as fur pulling, excessive licking, and destruction of home).

Neither plan covers pre-existing conditions, with the exception of injury or illness that is cured and free of treatment and symptoms for 180 days. Cosmetic procedures and breeding costs are also not covered, nor is preventative care such as wellness exams, vaccines, and screenings. However, two optional add-ons are available for preventative care: Prime and Basic. Either of these options can be added on after selecting.

The Basic Preventative Care add-on offers a total annual benefit of $250, and covers seven preventative procedures including dental cleaning, wellness exams, deworming,DHLPP Vaccine/Titer, rabies or Lyme Vaccine/Titer, Fecal Tests, and Heartwork or Feline FELV Test.

The Prime Preventative Care add-on offers a total annual benefit of $450. It covers the same preventative procedures as basic, but at higher reimbursement rates – for example, Basic pays $100 for dental cleaning, while Prime pays up to $150. The Prime add-on covers an additional 5 preventative procedures, including flea and heartworm prevention, Bordetella Vaccine/Titer, blood tests, urinalysis, and the provision of a Health Certificate.

With either preventative care add-on, it is not necessary to satisfy your deductible before being reimbursed for covered preventive care occurrences.

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Accessibility of Products

With their emphasis on customization, Prudent Pet’s entry points are less than $40 per month for accident-only coverage for a cat or dog in good health, with monthly payments above $40 for accident plus illness coverage. The actual amounts of the deductible, monthly payment, and coverage vary depending on the customer’s choice of pricing plan during the application process. 

Customers can make payments via check or credit card, while requests to switch or alter a plan must be submitted in writing and is subject to Prudent Pet’s approval. 

Prudent Pet does not offer a group discount, likely due to the company’s relative young age (2 years old).


To obtain pricing details, visitors to the Prudent Pet website can obtain a free quote which is delivered to them via email, requiring signing up to the mailing list, but no more information than that. A sample policy is available for viewing on the website and can be accessed via links on several pages. 

When applying for coverage based on the email quote, users can access the details on what’s included and not included, which are clearly spelled out and easy to understand. Pricing visibility is clear throughout. 

Prudent Pet offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Ease of Use

Prudent Pet has a very simple design to their website that makes it easy to navigate on both mobile and desktop formats, loading quickly with full functionality in both cases. One thing to note:  the type is quite small at the desktop website, which may make viewing details difficult for some site visitors. 

A toll-free number is displayed at the top of each page, allowing visitors to speak with a live agent during normal business hours.

Pricing, coverage, and limitations are readily available in multiple areas. Reviews occupy a smaller profile relative to other companies, located further down the page.

Claims can be made via an online portal created specifically for customers upon purchasing a plan, available on the website. Quotes are attainable within minutes of submitting the information and are easy to obtain. 

Reimbursements are available via check or through direct deposit to your bank account.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Community Support

Prudent Pet has excellent blog content on pet care, including topics such as coronavirus and its possible transmission to pets, how to identify seizures in dogs, and other subject matter pertinent to pet owners. 

Prudent Pet does not itself sponsor any one charity, but in many of their blogs – the National Pet Day blog entry in particular – they offer links for users to connect with charities of their choice. Overall, Prudent Pet’s web content indicates a genuine concern with the health and well-being of animals.

Business Strength

As one of the newest national pet insurance providers (founded in 2018), Prudent Pet does not have as long a history as its competitors. However, customer reviews and an A rating at the Better Business Bureau indicates a highly favourable business strength.

All of Prudent Pet’s plans are underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, administered by C&F Insurance Agency, Inc, which in turn is a Crum & Forster Company.