PetPlan Pet Insurance

Our Review of PetPlan

Billed as a “better breed of pet insurance”, PetPlan provides up to 90% coverage for most common veterinary and emergency expenses. Founded in 2003, the Philadelphia-based company distinguishes itself in the marketplace by providing comprehensive, lifetime coverage with no upper age limits, and doing so across the United States. Pet Plan is also unique in that it includes alternative therapies and treatments within all three of its coverage tiers, which makes more holistic treatments accessible to lower income pet owners in a way that many other national providers do not offer.

A subsidiary of Allianz group, PetPlan has sister companies in countries around the world, providing it with significant financial backing and market share.

Breadth of Coverage

PetPlan provides coverage for dogs and cats, but like many other national insurance providers, does not offer plans for reptiles, rodents, or other exotic pets. Coverage eligibility begins when cats and dogs are at least six weeks old and coverage extends for the pet’s lifetime, regardless of any particular breed (though reimbursement limits and deductible amounts can vary depending on the pet’s species, age, and breed).

PetPlan covers the entirety of the United States and Canada, with special conditions for residents of California which can be found by clicking the “California” residents disclaimer on the enrollment page.

PetPlan offers customizable quotes on their website, inviting visitors to enter their pet’s information to obtain a custom quote. Three tiers are available: “Most Affordable” (low) , “Most Popular” (middle), and “Most Reimbursement” (premium).

Pre-existing conditions and routine veterinary coverages are not included in any of the plans. However, all three tiers include accident, injury, and illness coverage, diagnostic treatments, cancer treatments, x-rays and scans, surgery and rehabilitation, and 24 hour customer support and veterinary assistance, to name just a few.  Notable items also include alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, stem cell treatments, and homeopathy, as well as non-routine dental exams and treatment. 

The midrange and premium options include all of these as well as pet loss coverage resulting from theft or straying, advertising and rewards if your pet is lost or stolen, behavioural therapies, boarding and kennel fees, and vacation cancellation. 

All three plans offer up to an 80% reimbursement, with $500, $300, and $250 deductibles from the low, middle, and premium options respectively.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility of Products

Visitors to the PetPlan website can easily obtain a custom quote for their cat or dog by clicking on the “Start Quote” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Though there is no specific entry offering a flat monthly payment of $40 or lower, there are affordable quotes available with a higher deductible.

PetPlan allows a variety of payments to be made via major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as debit cards, all of which can be used online. Available payment plans include annual, quarterly, or monthly options that are also payable via check or money order, subject to a payment processing fee per individual transaction or installment.

In terms of product flexibility, users may adjust their maximum annual policy coverage, increasing or decreasing deductibles and/or co-pays at any time during the policy period, provided that a request is made in writing. Should PetPlan approve, the change become effective on the first day of the next month following the approval. Users may this request once a year on the renewal date if they haven’t previously filed a claim.

PetPlan may issue a new declarations page or a change endorsement indicating the new coverage level once they approve the change, and any exclusions already on the policy carry over to the new coverage plan.

PetPlan has group discounts for veterans as well as active military members in the United States and registered medical services pets, with a 1-800 number to phone for further details not available on the website.


Petplan is highly transparent in their pricing, with the quotes feature providing actual dollar amounts requiring only minimal information about your pet, breed, pet’s age, and your geographical location. Policy details are readily available in the terms and conditions before you sign up for a plan, which can be accessed during the registration process via links on the website.

PetPlan also offers a “Terms and Conditions Explained” page that highlights the fine print and breaks it down according to state of residency and for Canadian customers. The glossary of terms is easy to access and provides simple, easy to understand explanations for what they mean.

Ease of Use

PetPlan’s mobile website is sharp, quick to load, and easy to read, providing the same ease of use at the desktop site, including the ability to procure a quote. The customized quote feature requires only three pages of navigation and takes less than 2-3 minutes to receive. Users are required to enter their email address, but aren’t required to sign up for the mailing list in order to obtain the quote, which is displayed on the following page. 

To file a claim, PetPlan customers receive access to PetPlan’s Account Portal where they can download PDF forms. They are also able to use PetPlan’s mobile app which allows users to file their claims electronically. The mobile app is available on both iOs and Android devices. 

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Community Support

Fetch! magazine and Fetch! blog provide expert advice on nutrition, food, seasonal concerns such as heating and cold exposure, pet stories, and, of course, pet insurance questions. There is also a separate Health Tips category which provides shorter, easier-to-read articles on those same topic areas.

The authors of the articles tend to be veterinary professionals, animal experts, pet owners, and insurance specialists, among other authorities who have unique insights into animal care.

The PetPlan Charitable Fund’s stated mission is to “share our time and resources to build a better world for animals”.  The fund operates internationally in every country in which PetPlan has a presence, and with details available on PetPlan’s regional websites. The mission to “promote the health and welfare of the nation’s animals” as well as funding financial grants and awards to local animal-focused causes remains consistent in each host country. These causes include donations for rehoming unwanted pets, support for non-invasive research into critical treatment methodologies, and more. 

The PetPlan Charitable Fund is also cross-posted on different charitable websites such as,, and the U.K’s Charitable Commission homepage.

PetPlan appears to genuinely care about the well-being of animals and their customers’ pets in particular. This is consistent with the company’s origin story in which the founders’ cat Bodey became ill and drew a $5,000 veterinary bill, which inspired the formation of PetPlan not long afterwards.

PetPlan’s corporate culture is devoted to making sure that cats and dogs enjoy a high quality of life, as evidenced by the lifestyle content on the website.

Business Strength

PetPlan was founded in 2003 and has sister companies around the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Holland, Germany, and other European countries. PetPlan is a subsidiary of Allianz Insurance based in Germany, which provides significant international strength and financial backing.

Petplan insurance policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC (Fetch Insurance Agency, LLC in Michigan), d/b/a Petplan (Petplan Insurance Agency, LLC in California).

All of Petplan’s offerings are underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company and AGCS Marine Insurance Company, which a member of PetPlan’s parent company, the Allianz Group, in the U.S.

In Canada, PetPlan is underwritten by the Canadian branch of XL Specialty Insurance Company.