PetPlace Insurance

Our Review of PetPlace Insurance

PetPlace Insurance, selling pet insurance since 2005, offers affordable insurance for cats and dogs via a very streamlined and easy-to-use website.

Breadth of Coverage

PetPlace offers a comprehensive coverage suite that serves both cats and dogs of all ages and breeds, though there is no coverage for exotic pets. In keeping with industry norms, PetPlace offers no coverage for cats and dogs with pre-existing conditions. All quotes are customized based on user input on their quote generator. Products are available across the entire United States, with slight variations of coverage based on state regulations where applicable.

Notable exemptions include no alternative or holistic health treatments, which are neither covered as part of the general plans nor available via an add-on, which makes PetPlace unique among the national providers.

PetPlan’s offerings are highly customizable to each customer’s needs and budgets. The “Get a Quote” option offers the option of choosing “Accident Only” or “Accident & Illness” coverage. Vaccinations and other routine care are covered by one of two add-on riders to the general coverage plan. 

Accident-Only coverage includes a $250 deductible and 90% reimbursement, with an annual benefits limit of $10,000, and is very affordable, with rates as low as $11/month.

With the Accident & Illness coverage, users can select their annual limits ($5,000 or Unlimited), annual deductible ($0 to $1,000), and reimbursement levels from 70% up to $100. Three tiers are available:  Essential, Plus, and Elite.

The lowest tier (Essential) covers accidents, illnesses, cancer, hereditary conditions, emergency care, surgeries and prescription medications, and begins at about $15/month at the lowest reimbursement level for most breeds. Accident and illness exam fees are included with the Plus level, and rehabilitative, acupuncture, and chiropractic coverage is available with the Elite level. The annual coverage limit is $5,000 for all three tiers.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility of Products

Payment options include major credit cards and direct withdrawals from customers’ bank accounts. PetPlace allows plan changes for pets according to terms in the sample policy, which users must download while getting their own custom quote. This information is not readily available on the website otherwise.

There do not appear to be group discounts offered on the website or in the policy, but they do offer 5% discounts for multiple pets. As with details on switching plans, this fact is not evident on the landing page, but it is visible during the quote process, as users may add multiple pets at the same time.


On their landing page, PetPlace provides three case studies showing real pets that required treatment, their claim amounts, and what was reimbursed. They also have customer reviews listed which users can scroll through to read. To get personalized quotes, users can click on “Get a Quote” and input their pet’s name, age, species, and breed. Quotes are delivered inside of five minutes.

Exclusions and clauses are also available, though users must click on the “sample policy” to see more details. There is also a clickable menu called “what’s covered” and “what’s not covered”, which clearly spells out exclusions for each plan. The two tiers of riders also include benefit details, which open pop ups containing coverage details for both options.

The sample policy details are available during the quote process and cover everything that the users need to know in depth before proceeding with application and payment.

Ease of Use

PetPlace’s mobile and desktop websites load quickly and are easy to navigate. Compared to other national providers, content is focused and tight on the landing page, with no overload of detail. Navigation is easy, though if a user begins a quote and returns to an earlier page, a hovering banner will appear prompting users to return to the quote, which can disrupt the ease of movement.

All pricing information, coverage plans, their limitations and exclusions, and reviews and terms are easily available to users during the quote generation process. Online chat is available during normal business hours, allowing visitors to ask questions.

PetPlace says that claims are filed online, though there does not appear to be a “File a Claim” option on the landing pages, nor a “My Account” sign in option, so how the mechanism works or how well it works is unknown for visitors until they purchase an option.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Community Support

The PetPlace website is very simple, with no blogs, articles, or consumer education on pets, pet issues, or animal welfare in general. It only offers the very basic details on the coverage, the company information, who underwrites them, and how users can get in touch with them.

One notable mention is the “About Us” area, which is only one paragraph on the landing page. In contrast, the websites of other national providers have an entire page devoted to the individual C-suite leaders, founders, and other staff. The paragraph notes that PetPlace was founded by a “veterinarian” who is not named, and focuses mostly on helping owners provide the best health decisions for their pets.

Though PetPlace as an organization may care a great deal about animals, this is not evident in their website content.

Business Strength

PetPlace is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company based in Delaware, which the website says boasts an “A-” rating from the A.M. Best. They have been operating since 2005 and have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Backing appears to be strong, though it is unclear whether they are as strong as their better known national competitors. 

Market share seems strong but not dominant based on their website presence. A Google search of “PetPlace Insurance” yields a competitor (Trupanion) as the top sponsored result on the first results page, indicating they have yet to establish themselves significantly on the web.