Figo Pet Insurance

Our Review of Figo Pet Insurance

Founded in 2012, Figo Pet Insurance is one of the top providers in the nation, with comprehensive accident and illness coverage extending across all 50 states.

Figo’s motto, “Enjoy the Journey, We’ve Got the Rest”, exemplifies the company’s desire to create a true community of pet owners among their various clients, providing a host of lifestyle options and products largely accessible by the Pet Cloud mobile app and their website.

Figo charges a single annual deductible, contrasted with other national companies which require customers to pay a deductible for each illness or injury that your pet experiences.

Breadth of Coverage

An annual deductible provides close to 100% coverage for cats and dogs of different coverage options for each pet as well as an unlimited plan, though alternative treatments and behavioural therapies are not included. Customers also enjoy the option to choose their own vets as Figo does not have a dedicated network. 

There is no age limit for enrollment, with senior cats and dogs allowed to join provided the owner can provide the necessary medical history. There are no stated vaccination requirements for certain conditions, though it is always a good practice to stay up to date with vaccinations in any case.

Microchips are an optional add-on, which would allow pet owners to use the pet locator function on Figo’s Pet Cloud app.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee in the event of coverage cancellation from the effective coverage date.

Coverage includes exam fees, lab tests, hospitalization, and scans as well as treatment of hereditary and congenital conditions. Dental coverage, however, is limited to injuries resulting from accidents and does not include ongoing care.

Figo doesn’t require an enrollment exam, but you do have to be able to provide proof of examination by a licensed veterinarian within the past year.

Figo does not provide coverage for exotics according to the website, as policies and product descriptions reference cats and dogs. In addition, none of Figo’s policies cover pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, routine care, spaying/neutering, cosmetic surgery, coprophagia, birth/breeding, or pet cloning. 

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility of Products

The website offers a live chat window icon in the lower right corner of the screen that allows you to speak to a Figo sales agent in real time to answer any specific questions you have about their policies. Simply click and a new chat window will open up.

Figo offers three types of plans covering accidents and illnesses: Essential ($5-10K), Preferred (10K to 14K) and an Unlimited Plan. The three plans tend to overlap in all areas except for cancer treatments, which feature different deductibles (see the note below under Transparency).

Premium payments may be made monthly or annual at the website or Pet Cloud app, via ACH withdrawal from your bank account or with a major credit card.

To request changes in coverage, policy holders must contact Figo’s customer service. If you have multiple pets, Figo does not provide a shared policy, and users must insure each individual cat or dog.


The Pet Health Insurance Plans page on the website has an interactive feature called “Now It’s Your Turn” that allows users to test out real-life coverage scenarios by choosing their pet species, a type of covered incident (such as hip replacement, foreign object ingestion, etc.), and one of the three coverage plans and a deductible (with $50 being the default amount).

The three plans tend to have identical coverage in most of these scenarios, with cancer treatments being the notable difference. The Unlimited Plan is the only one that provides a $50 deductible, with the Essential and Preferred plans paying only $10,000 and $14,000 respectively for radiation, with the remainder being paid out of pocket by the claimant.

Visitors to the website are able to generate a sample policy from the website which allows prospective customers to review policies based on their home state, including the fine print on exclusions and exceptions to coverage, details which are not on the website itself.

Figo is listed on the Better Business Bureau with a B+ rating, with the 17 negative reviews on the website based primarily on coverage issues, rate hikes related to injuries, and at least one complaint about poor customer service from one representative. The Figo Customer Service Team has responded to each complaint on the site, clarifying coverage and rate issues, and offering additional support for each user.

Further, the FAQ section of the website does note that premiums will increase each year as pets grow older, as well as in keeping with the rising costs of veterinary care. Figo alerts users 30 days prior to their policy renewals as to any rate increases that will incur for their plans. Policies renew each year unless users opt to cancel, which they can do via the Pet Cloud app.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Ease of Use

One of the first statements that visitors see when they arrive at Figo’s homepage is “Pet Insurance Made Simple”. The website indeed adheres to this philosophy: it is highly visual with a colorful, easy-to-navigate  interface that enables prospective customers to become familiar with the products very quickly. Within only two or three clicks, visitors to the website can go from basic product overviews to in-depth details into each policy.

Figo’s website allows you to get a quote for your specific location, as coverage options do vary from one state to another. Further, Figo provides the Pet Cloud app, which not only provides you with reminders for appointments, but also provides access to licensed veterinarians in your immediate location in the event of emergencies. You can also document your pet’s full medical and vaccination history, submit claims (simply take a picture of your bill with your phone, answer a few questions, and then submit for processing), and keep track of vet bills.

Included with the Pet Cloud app is Evie, the A.I. Claims assistant which provides real time support for users who are not comfortable with mobile app technology and/or have questions about their claims before they submit them.

There is also a Live Vet function that provides you with 24-hour coverage for available vets in your area in case of emergencies. Within seconds, you can live chat on your phone or desktop with a qualified veterinarian about your pet’s condition. As with the insurance policies themselves, Live Vet is available all across the country (a wireless or mobile data signal is, of course, required for Live Vet to work).

Community Support

Figo’s Pet Cloud app provides several lifestyle options such as social networking with other pet owners, locating dog parks, and arranging playdates. Pet Cloud’s Explore feature assists pet owners, connecting them to dog walkers, locating pet-friendly hotels while traveling, and other features. If your pet is lost and has a GPS microchip, the Pet Cloud app can track your pet’s location. 

Figo’s blog offers a variety of articles that are fun and informative, including recipes, health, pet lifestyle, stories, and happenings.

Business Strength

In business since 2012, Figo has been rated the No 1 pet insurance provider in the United States from 2017 to 2019 by, which compares national services. The company has been featured in such media as the Chicago Tribute, Entrepreneur, Fortune Magazine, and CNBC.

All of Figo’s plans are underwritten by Independent American Insurance Company as well as Markel Insurance Company, based in Delaware, with all plans administered by Figo Insurance LLC.