Embrace Pet Insurance

Our Review of Embrace Pet Insurance

Founded in 2003, Embrace Pet Insurance is a consistently high-rated insurer with several stand-out features, including a very flexible wellness program and deductible credits for terms in which you do not receive a claim reimbursement.

Breadth of Coverage

Embrace’s nationwide insurance products limit coverage to dogs and cats and does not offer policies for any other type of pet. Embrace does not restrict coverage based on dog or cat breed and you are free to visit any veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic you choose since there is no “in network” requirement.

Dogs or cats over the age of 15 are only eligible for Embrace’s accident-only insurance policy, with pre-set terms of $5,000 annual reimbursement limit, $100 annual deductible, and 90% reimbursement on covered claims.

Embrace’s base accident-only policies cover common incidents such as bloat, broken bones, poisoning, dental trauma, cuts and lacerations, prescription drugs, foreign body ingestion, and more.

Embrace’s Wellness Reward program, which can be added onto your policy, offers a flexible preventive care plan, covering routine services such as wellness exam fees, vaccination, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, grooming, microchipping, teeth cleaning, prescription diet food and nutritional supplements, training, and much more. What’s more, coverage under this program is based on total amount and not per-service limits – which provides more flexibility that most insurers do not offer.

With the Wellness Rewards coverage, you can choose between a maximum allowance of $250, $450, or $650 per year, and you are free to increase this level at any time during your policy, but you may only decrease with each annual renewal. Billing for this program is separate from your base Embrace policy, and there is no wait period.

One benefit that stands out with Embrace is their Healthy Pet Deductible, which is rare among pet insurers. For every year that you do not receive a claim payment, Embrace automatically reduces your annual deductible by $50. This reduction is essentially a per-year credit that rolls over each consecutive year that you do not receive a claim reimbursement. For example, if your deductible is $100, and you go two years without receiving a claim reimbursement but need to file a claim in the 3rd year, your deductible in that third year will be $0, since you have two $50 credits for the previous two years.

If you are concerned about pre-existing or other conditions that may affect your coverage, Embrace offers a medical history review, which may only be requested after you enroll your pet for a policy with Embrace. The claims team will review your pet’s medical records and let you know of any conditions that will be considered pre-existing, and how that will affect your policy and future claims. If the results of the review impact your coverage negatively, you can cancel and you will be refunded any unused premium.

Furthermore, with Embrace’s optional pre-certification program, you can request pre-certification prior to filing any claim. This is very beneficial if you are considering a course of treatment but are unsure that it will be covered. In addition, with pre-certification if your bill will be over $1000 Embrace will pay your claim directly to your veterinary hospital, if you and the veterinarian desire so.

Normal coverage exclusions apply, including cosmetic procedures, breeding, and DNA testing.

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility of Products

As with all pet insurance companies, your selections regarding annual reimbursement limit, annual deductible, and reimbursement percentage – as well as details about your pet and your geographic area – greatly affect month premium amounts. Monthly rates can be as low as $15 per month (typically with higher deductibles) and as high as a couple hundred dollars per pet. Embrace does offer a multiple pet discount of 5-10%, depending upon the state.

You can choose to pay your policy premiums via a credit/debit card online or through ACH payments through your bank account. Payments are automatically processed either monthly or annually if you choose (which includes a discount). You can update your billing method by calling Embrace’s toll-free number during normal business hours, EST.

With Embrace, you can downgrade your policy at any time (i.e., increase your deductible, decrease your annual maximum, and/or decrease your reimbursement percentage) without affecting your coverage. However, if you wish to upgrade your coverage (i.e., decrease your deductible, increase your annual maximum, and/or increase your reimbursement percentage), you will be subject to re-underwriting and all applicable wait periods. Under this policy, any condition or illness that occurred prior to the date of your upgrade will be considered pre-existing and will not be covered.

Embrace offers a 5% discount for active and former members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Mraines, or Coast Guard, with proof of status. This discount is not available in FL, NY, or TN. Policy holders who enroll as part of a company benefits program are eligible for a 10% discount (with the exception of FL, HI, ND, and RI, and in TN where the discount is 5%), and staff members at any veterinary practice can enjoy a 20% discount (with the exception of FL, HI, and ND, and in KY where the discount is 10%). In NY and RI, a 5% discount is available for spayed/neutered pets.

Embrace also provides special discounted programs for veterinarians, breeders, employers, and shelters.


Policy details are clearly explained on the website, which is easy to navigate.

Pricing is easily obtained and clearly stated. After answering just a few brief questions about your pet, then selecting your choices for annual reimbursement limit, annual deductible amount, and reimbursement percentage, your monthly rate is displayed. You then have the option to add on the Wellness Rewards program by simply choosing a set maximum amount per year ($250, $450, or $650).

Ease of Use

Embrace’s website is well organized and obtaining a quote for one or multiple pets is simple to navigate. Details about policies and coverage are readily accessible no matter where in the site you are. After answering a few short questions and making policy selections, you can have a quote within a few minutes.

To submit a claim, you must complete a claim form, which is downloadable at the website but can also be mailed or faxed. The form cannot be completed online, and must be returned via mail, fax, or online upload to the MyEmbrace online portal. For accidents and illnesses, you must have a staff member at your veterinary hospital complete the form.

You can pay your premium online with a credit card at their members’ portal or using the Embrace Pet Insurance mobile app, or directly from your bank account. You can choose between monthly or annual payment schedules (NY and RI receive a 5% discount for annual payment plans).

Get a personalized quote by answering a few simple questions.

Community Support

Many helpful articles are available at Embrace’s blog, The Water Bowl, including guides for dogs and cats as well as advice for various pet health conditions.

The website states that $2 from every policy is donated to pet-related charities, and that Embrace strives to keep an eco-friendly office. Embrace also matches all employee donations to any charity, 100%. Furthermore, when they learn of a covered pet (which they refer to as “Embraced”) “crossing the Rainbow Bridge”, Embrace lights a candle in memory of the pet and donates $10 to the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Many members of the Embrace team are Registered Veterinary Technicians striving to help the animal community in many different ways. Finally, Embrace is offering three Veterinary Technician Student Scholarships in the amount of $1000 for the 2019-2020 school year in an effort to encourage and develop well-trained and compassion veterinary technicians.

Business Strength

Embrace Pet Insurance was founded in 2003, when the organization won the 2003 Wharton Business Plan Competition.

Embrace Pet Insurance policies are underwritten by American Modern Insurance Group, which was formed in 1965, and is rated A+ Superior by the A. M. Best Company – which is a distinction held by fewer than 10% of all property and casualty insurance companies in the U.S.