Transparency in Advertising & Revenue

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Our Goals

Our goal is to offer helpful content for discovering and learning about providers of products and services for pet owners. Our content is free because the brands we feature may support us monetarily. We refer to, and clearly label these brands with the phrase “Partner” alongside any related content. We also provide implied and explicit opinions regarding products, services, and providers based on a rating system we have developed for choosing pet insurance. While the position of a Partner on our page may be influenced monetarily, among other things, we work hard to select, and rate partners objectively based on this framework. 

How We Make Money is owned and operated by a for-profit business. We generate revenue in order to maintain the website, provide helpful information to you, and ultimately to make a profit. It’s important that we maintain revenue transparency by clearly explaining our methods and sources of generating income. In general, we generate income through connecting consumers who need pet insurance with providers of pet insurance. This involves the transfer and sale of data. It also involves the establishment of monetary relationships with our Partners. Below is a list of income-generation sources and methods that we may utilize. We retain the right to change this at any time.

External Advertising

We often times monetize or generate revenue through the process of driving free and paid traffic from other websites, such as Google, Facebook, and advertising networks, to our website. Partners may either fund the direct purchase of traffic or pay us based on traffic volume or quality. Consider this similar to a billboard, where a company might pay a fee for visibility based on the quality and quantified volume of traffic and visibility. 

Visiting and Browsing Our Website 

Similar to external acquisition of traffic, we may generate revenue based on the number of users on our website as well as their level of engagement with specific pages. Partners may pay us contractually based on traffic, users, and visitor measurements. 

Sponsored Placement 

We may generate revenue based on the existence and specific position a Partner takes on pages of our website and throughout website functionality such as forms. This is similar to display advertising you might see across other websites you visit. 

Links to External Websites

We may generate revenue based on the existing and user engagement with links from our website to Partner websites. Partners may pay contractually based on link performance and/or placement.

Phone Calls & Form Submissions

We may generate revenue when you call phone numbers listed on our website or submit forms that collect your information through our website. Partners may page for this information and connection to you based on quality or volume.

Data Collection

In general, we generate income through connecting consumers who need pet insurance with providers of pet insurance. This often involves the collection, transfer and sale of data based on information you give us and regarding your browsing activity on our website. Partners may purchase this data in various ways. Please be aware that by utilizing our website, you agree to our Privacy & Data Policy.

Email, Communication Distribution, and Remarketing 

We may generate revenue by contacting you personally through information purchased from others or provided to us directly by you. For example, we may email you or send you direct mail on behalf of our Partners. We also may purchase advertising space to re-engage you through marketing.

Purchases on Partner Websites

If you place a purchase on a Partner’s website after visiting our website, we may generate income. Partners may pay us based on volume, size, and quality of purchases made.

Cookies & Local Storage

Please be aware that monetary compensation is provided from some brands to the operators, owners, and affiliated companies of this website based on your personal information and browsing data from our website. We utilize Cookies and Local Storage to enhance your experience and generate income so we can continue to exist. Please be aware that by utilizing our website, you agree to our Privacy & Data Policy.


Among other disclaimers,, it’s operators, owners, and affiliated companies, do not provide implied or explicit warranties regarding the accuracy and reliability of information presented on this website. You must verify all claims and information by reviewing the website’s of the direct pet insurance providers.